Phantom models

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The project goal has been to establish techniques making it possible to control the perspective effects and stereoscopic parameters in a stereogram independently. Of particular interest is the application of these techniques to obliquely projected stereograms, giving rise to the so-called "Phantom models".
The project has led to the submission of a patent application, nr. 00849, priority date 26.06.98. In the interest of prospective license takers, the technical contents of the project are withheld until the expiry of the so-called priority year, i.e. until 26.06.99.
The project was supported by Danish Agency for Trade and Industry, total support amounting to D.Kr. 180.000. The mediator was Frank Knudsen, Danish technological Institute.
Project leader:
Svend B. Sørensen, FYS-DTU
Project members:
Per Skafte Hansen, IMM-DTU
Nils Lykke Sørensen, AAA
Effective start/end date01/02/1996 → …


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