Participation in the IEA SHC Task 68 on “Efficient Solar District Heating Systems”

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    The project deals with participation in the IEA SHC Task on ‘Efficient Solar District Heating Systems’. The Technical University of Denmark, PlanEnergi, Aalborg CSP A/S and Heliac ApS will jointly carry out re-search activities and contribute to the task with development of simulation models and efficient sys-tems/components for solar district heating (SDH). The main project objectives are:
    • to provide the heat most efficiently at the desired temperature level either directly by solar or indi-rectly by solar by combining solar collectors with other technologies
    • to take a next step regarding digitalization measures allowing a more efficient data preparation and utilization
    • to make SDH more competitive and business appealing by exploring new business models and ways to reduce costs
    • to raise awareness for solar technologies and disseminate the knowledge regarding SDH sys-tems, especially for medium-high temperature heat by collecting and providing best practice ex-amples, data and insights from real installations.
    The project will promote the integration of Danish companies in the world development of new solar heat-ing market and help to secure Denmark’s front position in SDH systems.
    Short titleIEA Task 68
    Effective start/end date01/04/202231/03/2025

    Collaborative partners


    • Solar district heating
    • International Energy Agency (IEA)
    • Solar Heating and Cooling Program (SHC)
    • Task 68
    • System efficiency
    • Digitalization measures
    • Simulation Modelling
    • Dissemination


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