Optimised Window systems.

  • Svendsen, Svend (Project Manager)
  • Duer, Karsten (Project Participant)
  • Holck, Ole (Project Participant)
  • Schultz, Jørgen Munthe (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    Particular emphasis will be given to the assembly and integration of high performance, solar components into functional building envelope elements. Those assemblies may incorporate highly insulating glazing/frames, solar shading devices and other daylight components. Data obtained will be provided in consistent and harmonised forms suitable for use for product comparison and selection and in building simulation tools.
    This work will also enable.
    - cost benefit studies to be performed and performance criteria to be defined. The work will directly support manufacturers in improving product characterisation and specification.
    - comparison and further development of energy performance assessment methodologies on windows, their assembly and integration into building envelope elements.
    - identification of performance criteria for durability and service lifetime prediction.
    - determine thermal performance and improve models of selected window and their integration into building envelope assemblies or facade systems.
    - develop calculation procedures for the integrated thermal/solar/daylighting performance of high performance windows (glazings/frames).
    - develop a general methodology of test procedures for the assessment of durability, reliability and service lifetime prediction (SLP) of materials and devices used in solar thermal and building applications, materials include anti-reflective (AR) and polymeric glazings.
    - assessment of the durability and reliability (fitness for use) of selected window systems (e.g. highly insulating frames, glazing units).
    Effective start/end date01/01/200031/12/2001


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