Optically Active Materials in Fibers and Silica-on-Silicon Integrated Photonics Circuits

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The MUP2 frame program "Optically Active Materials in Fibers and Silica-on-Silicon Integrated Photonics Circuits" aims to develop photonics components for local networks and high speed optical communication systems. This requires development of new, optically active and non-linear materials. In particular, the progarm has initiated activities within the following areas:
- Development of processes for erbium doping PECVD grown silica films
- development of erbium doped silica planar waveguides with gain
- development of erbium doped loss-less functional devices
- development of high-concentration erbium doped fibers for fiber lasers
- development of erbium doped polarisation maintaining fiber
-development of low-concentration distributed erbium doped fiber for distributed optical amplifiers
- development of fiber lasers for high-speed systems
- development of techniques for fiber termination of integrated photonic devices
- development of models for high-concentration erbium doped waveguides
- development of models for erbium doped fiber lasers
Effective start/end date15/06/199430/06/1998


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