Online measurement of visual quality parameters after heat treatment

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Many foodstuffs have the shape of small pieces or particles that are heat treated in continuous open processes (corn flakes e.g.).

Such processes are monitored by trained process operators who visually evaluate the product quality. There is a great need to support the evaluations of the process operators with vision technological systems that quickly are able to reveal deviations from the desired visual quality and adjust the process hereafter.

In the project a new advanced form of vision technology will be investigated, the device can because of its special design be expected to detect small differences in color and wrongly colored small particles. This vision technology differs from NIR (near infrared reflection) by giving detailed picture information and not just sporadic measurements.

The aim is to obtain a robust, flexible vision technological solution that later can be implemented in different industrial food productions.
Effective start/end date01/01/200730/04/2011

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