On-line continuous monitoring of drinking water quality

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    To increase the safety for good drinking water, quality parameters should be monitored with a higher frequents than today’s spot checks. This project will investigate the possibilities for online, continuous and real-time monitoring by:
    • Investigating the suitability of different on-line sensors e.g. turbidity, conductivity, flow, pressure or temperature to ensure good drinking water quality based on long-term time series.
    • Improving the interpretation of the signal form on-line sensors by identifying the source causing the signal.
    • Comparing and evaluate sensors with the goal to select the best suited sensors.
    • Investigating to what degree a signal represents a significant chance in the drinking water quality by introduces changes to the system in connection with intensive measuring campaigns including a large range of parameters.
    • Combining measuring campaigns with newly developed equipment for on-line ATP-measurement.
    Effective start/end date01/12/200831/01/2010


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