Offentlig accept af VE teknologier (public acceptance of RE Technologies)

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    Backup from the local communities is essential for the expansion of renewable energy (RE) in Denmark – a key condition for the country to reach its climate goals.
    Although the Danes generally support the green transition, actual plans to establish RE facilities are often met with local resistance, resulting in project delays. Local communities are often worried about how the new facility will impact their local area.
    Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) – a central instrument
    In Denmark, the EIA is an important and well-established tool for evaluating and reducing environmental and social risks of larger construction projects. EIAs include technical analyses as well as public hearings in the local community.
    However, there is a need to change the way social impacts are evaluated and discussed in the context of RE projects. Researchers and practitioners agree that this may often be vital in facilitating local communities to embrace RE.
    Key project objectives
    The project’s direct objective is to develop knowledge and tools enabling professionals to:
    1) Elucidate and address social impact of RE facilities, and
    2) Facilitate a constructive dialogue with local citizens about possible social impacts.
    A thorough and systematic elucidation of social impacts will provide a better basis for constructive dialogue with the local communities.
    For example, this will enable the professional team to integrate approaches that minimize or compensate for negative impacts early in the planning process. In addition, developers and consultants will have better options for highlighting and strengthening positive social impacts.
    Our thesis is that a systematic and proactive approach to social impacts in the planning phase will lead to enhanced local support to RE projects.
    Effective start/end date01/04/201631/12/2017

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    • Social impact assessment
    • EIA process
    • Renewable energy


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