Ocean Literacy capacity for DK

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The workshop builds on previous TOL efforts, but with a more specific focus. The overarching goal is to draft recommendations on how Ocean Literacy can serve marine research projects for greater societal impact, and contribute to Blue Growth objectives (What is Blue Growth? A short, and a long version) through more effective knowledge exchange and engagement with non-academic stakeholders and the public.

The recommendations should assist transatlantic marine research consortia supporting the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation to capitalize on citizen science, promote a science-literate citizenry, and increase public awareness on Societal Challenges issues (e.g., ocean health, responsible ocean stewardship, food security, climate mitigation).
AcronymOcean Literacy
Effective start/end date01/05/201530/09/2015


  • ocean literacy


SeaChange: SeaChange (39237)

Canal-Vergés, P., Nielsen, C. F., Møller, L. F., Nielsen, C. N., Grigorov, I. & Riisager-Simonsen, C.


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