Novel greener and lean processes using integrated microfactories

Project Details


This project is focusing on efficient and sustainable production of organic-synthesis based active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) by use of novel microfluidic based concepts to biocatalytic and fermentation processes. Major challenges are met since many of these processes have complex reaction mechanisms with equilibrium limited conversions, often substrate and/or product inhibition and material transport challenges along with slow heterogenic reaction kinetics.
In this project it is hypothesized that much faster process development could be achieved by studying bioprocesses in continuous flow mode already from the laboratory stage. Well characterized (fast mixing and heat transmission7) small reactors with low dead volumes will facilitate dynamic experiments, while non-invasive, real-time, in-line monitoring technologies will provide high quality data, with potential for automation, real-time optimization and rapid modeling of reaction kinetics.
Acronymµ factories
Effective start/end date01/03/201128/02/2014


  • biocatalysis
  • in situ product removal
  • CFD
  • microfluidics
  • kinetic investigations