North Sea in change: fishing in a changing ecosystem (ECONORTH) (39806)

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The North Sea ecosystem is constantly changing due to changes in the environment and climate as well as management / policy measures under the common fisheries policy such as enforcement of MSY management, BREXIT and the landing obligation. These changes affect the geographical distribution, growth, production of new fish, who eats who and how much, as well as the relationship between fisheries and marine mammals. The maximum sustainable yield "MSY" and multi-annual
management plans are two core elements of the common fisheries policy, both of which have built in the ambition to run a management that will ensure that the utilization of marine fisheries resources takes place sustainably both today and far into the future.

This project builds directly on existing knowledge and models acquired and developed in previous projects and aims to translate knowledge about changes in stock distribution and productivity into predictions and realistic future series that can be used to evaluate management models. In this way, the results of the project can be used to identify the management that is most robust to changes in the environment and in best accordance with the fisheries policy's objectives of MSY, multi-annual management plans and an ecosystem approach to fisheries. The project's scientific results could be used in a number of ICES groups including benchmarks, groups on mixed fisheries and groups on species interactions.

Dialogue with stakeholders outside ICES is also a high priority, as input from managers and fishers is indispensable in ensuring that the advice produced in ICES is practically feasible and in line with
the CFP's objectives of socio-economic sustainability.

The project is funded by European Maritime and Fisheries Fund  and Danish Fisheries Agency and other national funds. 

Research area: Fisheries Management
Research area: Ecosystem based Marine Management
Research area: Marine Living Resources
Research area: Marine Populations and Ecosystem Dynamics
Effective start/end date11/06/202005/08/2022


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