Nordic power road map 2050: Strategic choices towards carbon neutrality

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The Nordic region has sufficient RES potential to develop a fully carbon neutral electricity system, even if demand increases due to electrification of transport and the heating sector. However, investment lead times are very long and there is no common knowledge basis among Nordic countries how, and through what policies, carbon neutrality will be pursued. Furthermore, how the system develops and which challenges will emerge are dependent on the approach taken towards Europe. A more open approach might result in opportunities and development in the Nordic countries beyond what would happen with a Nordic focus alone.
The overall objective is to build knowledge and understanding among politicians and decision makers and actors in the power industry about possible carbon neutral futures for an integrated Nordic power system in a time perspective up to 2050. The knowledge and understanding is based on qualitative scenario analysis of impacts on the electricity, the transport and the heating system combined with the necessary governance aspects to enable the transformation.
Partners: SINTEF Energy Research, Stockholm Environmental Institute
Effective start/end date15/08/201214/08/2016