Nordic Climate Change Atlas. An atlas of climatic and environmental determinants of present and future veterinary and zoonotic diseases in the Nordic area

  • Bødker, Rene (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    Develop a geographical information system (GIS) which includes major
    geographical, husbandry and biological spatial parameters relevant to the
    distribution of veterinary and zoonotic diseases, temperature and rainfall from
    the last 10 years and future temperature and rainfall based on internationally
    recognised climate scenarios.
    • Make the GIS available to Nordic researchers or alternatively describe data
    and provide scripts which will allow users to transform data obtained directly
    from data owners into the chosen GIS format. This will allow joint Nordic
    analysis of the impact of climate and environmental change on climate and
    environment driven disease e.g. vector borne diseases.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2010


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