Nonlinear Wave Loads and Ship Responses by a Time-Domain Strip Theory

  • Wang, Zhaohui (Project Manager)

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    A nonlinear time-domain strip theory for vertical wave loads and ship responses is
    derived. The theory is generalized from a rigorous linear time-domain strip-theory
    representation. The hydrodynamic memory effect due to the free surface is approximated by a higher order differential equation. Based on this time-domain strip theory a nonlinear hydroelastic method of wave- and slamming- induced vertical motions and structural responses of ships is developed, where the structure is represented by the Timoshenko beam theory. Numerical calculations are compared with available experimental results, the agreement is very encouraging. A theoretical study is performed for the determination of short term and long term statistics of wave- and slamming-induced vertical bending moments in flexible ship hulls. The various statistical characteristics of the wave loads are obtained by a direct analysis of the time histories. Numerical results obtained for actual structures are provided and useful in ship design to take into account nonlinearity and hydroelasticity in both extreme responses and fatigue damage predictions.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199631/08/1999


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