NOBLE - Non digestible oligosaccharides (NDOs) from food processing residues

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The objective of the project is to use byproducts from the Brazilian food industry to develop non-digestible soluble fibers with specific health benefits for applications in food and feed. Non-digestible oligosaccharides (NDOs) have been established as food and feed supplements due to their beneficial effect on microbiota of the intestinal tract. NDOs vary in composition and structure depending on the source, and different NDOs also differ in their effect on the intestinal microbiota. We will take advantage of the specific properties of side streams from the Brazilian food industry to develop novel types of NDOs. We will use enzyme technology developed at Sao Paulo State University to produce the novel NDOs. The biological activity of the NDOs will be characterized by technology established and developed at the Technical University of Denmark. The research will be conducted in close collaboration with industrial partners and the project is expected to result in commercial applications that will bring food and feed with improved nutritional value on the market.
The project will generate new bioactive food and feed ingredients from residues not currently utilized by the Brazilian food industry. The processing technology will be based on membrane reactors with immobilized enzymes. The technology will minimize generation of waste and minimize consumption of water and other
resources. The technology developed represents in itself a major result of the
project. We expect several of the NDOs developed in this project to be significantly different from currently available NDOs, due to the specific raw materials and due to our specific enzymes and process technology. The impact on human and animal health will be examined through state of the art microbiological and metagenomic analyses. In this aspect the project use nutrigenomics to analyze health aspects of novel ingredients.
For the participating universities and industries an important outcome will be a
close collaboration around development of technology and products. The industries are expected to implement the research results without unnecessary delay, and the universities intend to continue and expand the collaboration around research and training of young scientists.
Effective start/end date01/01/201730/06/2019


  • oligosaccharides
  • enzymes


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