Noble Metals Free Intermediate -Temperature Supported Liquid Phase Electrolyzer

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The strategic development of the NobleFree project is noble metal free intermediate-temperature (200-400 C) fuel cells and water electrolyser with the same characteristics as of the Nafion®, PBI and Aquivion™ systems. This goal will be achieved by use of alkaline metals dihydrogen phosphates as proton-conducting supported liquid phase electrolytes (SLPE). These electrolytes will be liquid immobilized on ceramic nano fibers, whiskers and powders. It has been discovered recently, that nickel, high-nickel alloys and austenitic stainless steels containing small amounts of Ti have high corrosion resistance in the molten alkali metals dihydrogen phosphates in the above mentioned temperature range. The NobleFree will start with the parallel development of electrolytes and nickel-based catalysts. The final stage of the project will be design and test of noble metal free intermediate temperature water electrolyser. Possibilities of use SLPE system as a fuel cell will be also studied.
AcronymNoble Free
Effective start/end date01/01/2014 → …


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