New tools and approaches to control Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome in the EU and Asia

  • Nauwynck, Hans (Project Manager)
  • Rodrigo, Rafael (Contact Person)
  • Sanchez-Serrano, Jose Juan (Contact Person)
  • Domingo, Mariano (Contact Person)
  • Taranzi, Luigi (Contact Person)
  • Piatti, Giancarlo (Contact Person)
  • Griot, Christian (Contact Person)
  • Summermatter, Kathrin (Contact Person)
  • Larsen, Lars Erik (Project Manager)
  • Trebbien, Ramona (Project Participant)
  • Wijaszka, Tadeusz (Contact Person)
  • Kotelba, Barbara (Contact Person)
  • Waddell, Derek (Contact Person)
  • Campbell, Fiona (Contact Person)
  • Boriello, Peter (Contact Person)
  • Thorns, Christopher (Contact Person)
  • Bianchi, Andre (Contact Person)
  • vn Zijderveld, Fred (Contact Person)
  • Tong, Guangzhi (Contact Person)
  • Lin, Jiaojiau (Contact Person)
  • Bui, Quang Anh (Contact Person)
  • Hoang, Van Nam (Contact Person)
  • Seidler, Randolph (Contact Person)
  • Papp, Hubert (Contact Person)

    Project Details

    Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2014