New products from Starch-derived 1,5-Anhydro-D-fructose

  • Lundt, Inge (Project Manager)

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The novel sugar 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose (AF) will be produced on an industrial scale from starch by a biocatalytic process with -1,4-glucan lyase. Starch is a renewable, environment-friendly, and cheap raw material which belongs to the major agriculture products of the EU. Therefore, AF is an abundant starting material for versatile use whose bulk price will be similar to other starch sugars. Although AF itself has a market potential as a functional ingredient and a calory-free sweetener, its market potential will be significantly expanded if AF is also used as a building block for the manufacturing of high-value added products. In this respect AF is a promising chemical synthon, because it possesses a fixed pyranoid ring structure and a prochiral center at carbon 2. A pre-requisite for developing new product lines from AF, is an easy access to AF and its economic production. Up to date, this is hampered by the biocatalyst, -1,4-glucan lyase, whose catalytic properties have to be improved by protein engineering for an ideal industrial performance. Commercialization of AF and derivatives thereof is envisaged by traditional and start-up bioindustries, that participate in this transdisciplinary project. Major goals are to improve AF production with advanced biotechnological methods, and to develope new reaction routes for the the synthesis of multiple high value-added products from AF. Possible food or medical applications require to study the bioactivity of the respective products.
Effective start/end date01/12/200030/11/2004


  • Forsk. EU - Rammeprogram


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