New optimal design tools for future wind turbine blades

  • Blasques, José Pedro Albergaria Amaral (Project Participant)

Project Details


The object of this project is to develop and study new methods for optimal structural and aerodynamic design of wind turbine blades based on high-fidelity beam models and topology optimization techniques. The ability to reduce the cost of wind energy through an increase in the size of wind turbine rotor blades has motivated the ongoing trend of “bigger is better”. However, as
the size of wind turbine blades increases, new structural and aerodynamic design challenges emerge, such as, self-weight and gravity induced fatigue damage. Addressing these issues has become a cornerstone for the realization of larger wind turbine blades. This project suggests the development of new numerical optimization tools for wind turbine blade design to specifically tackle these new challenges. Achieving to do so will render the design of larger wind turbine blades feasible and consequently allow for the continuing reduction in the cost of wind energy.
Effective start/end date01/06/201331/05/2015