New areas for Danish-Japanese bilateral research cooperation

  • Glückstad, Jesper (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has since 2005 published more than 200 scientific publications together with Japanese researchers in a broad range of scientific areas (material sciences, applied physics, optics and photonics among others). In addition, DTU has currently ongoing student exchange programs with Tohoku University, Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Tokyo. The main purpose of this application for bilateral network activities is new undertakings between DTU and selected key enterprises and knowledge based institutions in Japan to identify potentials for new collaborative projects and partnerships in particular with a commercial angle in mind. The scope of this proposal is oriented towards – but not limited to – the interdisciplinary research area of ICT for Life Sciences applications.
    Expected outcome:
    • Networking and matchmaking to identify new areas for bilateral research cooperation between renowned researchers at DTU and renowned researchers at universities and enterprises in Japan mainly within the interdisciplinary research area of ICT for Life Sciences applications.
    • Strengthen the commercialization of university based research in Japan. Through the sale of patents or granting of licenses to private enterprises in Japan we wish to establish and consolidate relations which can open for long-term research and innovation activities. Activities which could ultimately enhance foreign investments in knowledge intensive jobs in Denmark. The long term outcome of the activities will be to evaluate the potential of more formal and more intensified partnerships between DTU and leading enterprises and knowledge based institutions in Japan.
    Effective start/end date01/04/201131/12/2012


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