Networks between bioenergy and biotechnology - Strategic Research Alliance on Energy Innovation Systems and Their Dynamics

  • Piirainen, Kalle A. (Project Participant)

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    The topic of the sub-project is to investigate the networking between biotech and bioenergy companies and transfer of technology between industries, especially in Denmark, to date. It is well-known that bioenergy in Denmark is often closely connected to the agricultural sector. Compared to this, the connection and interplay with the biotech industry is less illuminated. The connections between the bioenergy sector and biotech industry can be expected to be of high importance for the future competiveness of new bioenergy solutions as well as wider industrial biotechnology industry both within Denmark and in the global markets. However, there is need of more systematic insight and better understanding of innovation activities and networks between biotech actors and bioenergy actors. The main approach will be network analysis based on data such as joint patents and collaboration in publicly subsidized R&D programs. The purpose of the proposed research is to analyze the Danish energy innovation system its dynamics and development trajectory. The contribution is identification of interaction dynamics between innovation systems and the role of the functions in shaping that co-evolution. These research findings will have implications for RDI and energy policy in addition to the contribution to literature on innovation systems.
    Effective start/end date15/05/2015 → …


    • Innovation Systems
    • Bioenergy
    • Biotechnology
    • Network Analysis
    • Knowledge Transfer
    • Innovation


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