Network towards phasing out formalin in aquaculture (39140)

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Formalin is still used in large quantities in aquaculture systems despite unwanted side-effects and efforts to reduce the amount used. Apparently the need for water treatment increases with shift from flow-through to RAS.
This project established a network of fish farmers (8 persons representing different systems), three national fish-vets covering >95% of Danish fish farms, DTU Aqua researchers and Danish Aquaculture organization. 
The common goal was to identify methods to cease the aquaculture related use of formalin. Recent knowledge, new techniques and practical experience with alternative disinfectants (e.g. hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid) were applied and tested. In particular, distribution, degradation and automatic dosage of Peracetic acid by digital pumps was analytically verified.
The project tested and developed better water treatment protocols for different types of rearing systems (hatcheries and grow out production systems, flow-through, model trout farms to fully recirculated systems) in close collaboration between fish-vets, fish farmers and DTU Aqua. Results from monitoring on a number of fish farms and experience overs 2 seasons were obtained and the new practically applied knowledge/information was presented at workshops/seminars with the aquaculture industry as wellas reported in a Danish report (Danish Aquaculture 2015-10).A number of veterinarians and fish farms were partners in the project. 
The project was coordinated by Danish Aquaculture Association and funded by the Danish Ministry og Food, Agrigculture and Fisheries and the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).
Research area: Aquaculture 
Effective start/end date01/12/201301/05/2015


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