Network cooperation between European universities on industrial engineering and management

  • Thorsteinsson, Uffe (Project Manager)
  • Cano Fernandez, J. L. (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    In continuation of the activity mentioned under Work group on Integrated work concepts efforts are made to establish an international network (involving 8 European universities and a number of Danish engineering colleges) of partners in the development. Thus an EU project application is about to be submitted.
    Development of an educational programme based on an artificial enterprise for use on the Internet (and multimedia) and described with information, data, photos, video of products, sites, production processes, staff members, etc. and a modelbank with analytical tools, methods, etc.
    The company should preferably be used as part of an educational programme for project-oriented, realistic teaching of engineering disciplines applicable to the technical, financial and environmental problems of industrial companies. Simultaneously traditional teaching concepts are developed toward application of information technology tools. This development also includes hybrid simulation games in which engineering methods are integrated with conditions from "the model company staff" relating to behaviour and decisionmaking. Also recent industrial problems, e.g. reuse, reverse production and environmental problems are dealt with.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199601/01/9999


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