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    The objective of the NanoImpactNet co-ordination action is to create a widely supported scientific
    basis to ensure the safe and responsible development of engineered nanoparticles and
    nanotechnology-based materials and products, and to support the definition of regulatory measures
    and implementation of legislation in Europe. This framework includes a strong two-way
    communication, which will ensure efficient dissemination of information to the various stakeholder
    groups (notably the European Commission, industry and SMEs, and the general public) while at the
    same time obtaining input from these groups about their needs and questions.
    By combining excellence in research with open communication, NanoImpactNet aims to:
    • Develop a framework for the (intermediate and final) critical evaluation of methods,
    protocols and results of research supported by the FP5, and FP6 and FP7 programmes, as
    well as national funding agencies.
    • Guide the development of best practice to ensure that studies are comparable in terms of
    basic parameters such as particle type, cell types, dispersion and characterisation protocols
    and appropriate testing methodologies.
    • Enhance scientific output through better cross-talk and coordination between European
    scientists and research projects, identifying knowledge gaps and research strategies to
    address them.
    Effective start/end date01/04/200831/03/2012


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