Nanocrafts - proof of concept nanotechnology for jewelry industry

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At DTU Nanotech several nanotechnologies were intensively used for texturing, patterning, and protection of surfaces. Nanotechnology can provide a new space for creative design in jewelry with unique features and effects (for instance optical effects implied by nanostructures), bring the deep meaning of emotions and relations to a new level – the nanolevel.
With significant value to the jewelry industry nanotechnology can result in unique technical qualities such as improved durability of items and fraud protection and data encryption technology, and a new way of sensing the item. Micro and nanopatterning allow individual design fabrication on a single wafer. With nanoceramic layers, we can protect golden or other jewelry items from mechanical damage or natural degradation. In this project, we apply
•Surface nanostructuring for physical effects enhancement
•Optical coloring with thin film deposition
•Visual patterning with laser engraving and UV photolithography
•Nanoplasmonic coloring
•Laser engraving on surfaces for data encryption and individual design patterns at the scale of few micrometers
Effective start/end date01/05/201730/09/2017


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