NAMA Partnership Working Group on Sustainable Development

    Project Details


    The international partnership on NAMAs has been created with the objective to enhance collaboration and complementarity of the activities of multilateral, bilateral and other organizations to accelerate support to developing countries in preparation and implementation of their NAMAs. The partnership aims to identify best practices and share knowledge to facilitate the preparation and implementation of NAMAs in developing countries, among others.
    In support of NAMAs in the context of national sustainable development, a number of activities are proposed under each of the three focus areas identified by the Partnership:
    1)Contribution of NAMAs in meeting defined national mitigation goals and targets:
    Develop methodologies (e.g. Excel sheets) for calculating how NAMAs contribute to national mitigation goals and targets and at what cost. Train government officials how to use the methodologies, on demand.
    2)Contribution of NAMAs to sustainable development and other national development goals:
    Develop an assessment tool to highlight the SD co-benefits and risks of negative impacts of NAMAs. Train government officials and relevant stakeholders how to use the tool, on demand.
    3)Institutional arrangements for NAMAs:
    Develop generic models for institutional frameworks to approve and implement NAMAs. Explore best practice case studies on governance of NAMAs. Organize global/regional platforms to share knowledge and experiences with institutional models for NAMAs.
    There is no agreed date to finalize the NAMA Partnership. On the contrary the idea is to keep it active as long as needed
    Effective start/end date18/11/201231/01/2016