Nørrefjord: A case study of coastal habitat status and restoration possibilities (38171)

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Nørrefjord has been used as a case study to study to analyze Danish coastal habitats and their fate and ecological function for fish. As many other Danish coast areas the fjord has undergone dramatic changes in its biological structure and function due to human activities and influences. The fjord is nutrient loaded and eutrophication has led to reduction in the photic zone and frequent hypoxia in fjord deeper parts (>10 m). 
In addition, there has formerly been extraction of gravel and sand in shallow areas of the fjord (<5 m). These activities have created suction holes which still stand despite the fact that they were created over 15 years ago. The project aims to study local fish fauna community, fish distribution and ecological structure and function for different habitat types in the fjord in order to suggest how local fish fauna could be restored.
Research area: Coastal EcologyResearch area: Observation Technology
Effective start/end date01/01/201131/12/2013