Mussel farming—mitigation and protein source for organic husbandry (MUMIPRO) (39424)

Project Details


The central MuMiPro vision is to boost sustainable mussel production in Danish coastal waters thereby meeting some of the most obvious national potentials for blue growth.

The overall objective of MuMiPro is to create a new way of growing mussels with a dual purpose: To create a new business area in Denmark by producing animal protein feed ingredients for organic husbandry and improve the marine environment by mitigating eutrophication effects through harvest of mussels.

MuMiPro consists of six work packages and involves 15 partners including mussel farmers, feed producers and research institutions within mussel production, husbandry, feed production, organic production and environmental management.

The project is coordinated by DTU Aqua and funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.

Research area: Shellfish and Seaweed
Effective start/end date15/01/201731/12/2020