MUP2 - Center for Structural Materials - MP2M - Materials processing, Properties and Modelling

  • Bay, Niels Oluf (Project Manager)
  • Arentoft, Mogens (Project Participant)
  • Bjerregaard, Henrik (Project Participant)
  • Eriksen, Morten (Project Participant)
  • Gjørtsvang, Henrik Højborg (Project Participant)
  • Ravn, Bjarne Gottlieb (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Søren Feldager (Project Participant)
  • Frandsen, Jens Ole (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Jan Langkjær (Project Participant)
  • Hattel, Jesper Henri (Project Participant)
  • Henningsen, Poul (Project Participant)
  • Lassen, Søren (Project Participant)
  • Lindegren, Maria (Project Participant)
  • Malberg, Michael Peter (Project Participant)
  • Nielsen, Lars Søgaard (Project Participant)
  • Post-Pedersen, Bente (Project Participant)
  • Thorborg, Jesper (Project Participant)
  • Wanheim, Tarras (Project Participant)
  • Tan, Xincai (Project Participant)
  • Bay, Niels Oluf (Project Manager)
  • Wanheim, Tarras (Project Participant)
  • Hattel, Jesper Henri (Project Participant)
  • Tvergaard, Viggo (Project Participant)
  • Danckert, Joachim (Project Participant)
  • Hansen, Niels (Project Participant)

Project Details


The center has gathered the six most important Danish groups in a network within Manufacturing and Materials Science and Engineering with the aim of performing coordinated, basic research on, Materials Processing, Properties and Modelling, MP2M. The research refers to the integrated process of design - material - processing, adopting and developing the most advanced theoretical and experimental techniques for studies of materials manufacturing and processing.
The coordinated research has been carried out within the following four basic areas:
A. Numerical modelling and analysis of material propertis
B. Numerical modelling and analysis of process phenomena
C. Experimental modelling and analysis of materials properties
D. Experimental modelling and analysis of process phenomena
All in all 36 projects have been carried out under the center programme engaging 118 researchers, who have contributed 466 publications in total among which more than 300 are international publications.
Effective start/end date01/05/199428/02/1999


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