Multiscale intercellular communications: From experiment to mechanism-based modeling

  • Sosnovtseva, Olga (Project Manager)

Project Details


The proposal offers an approach to studying intercellular communications that combines innovative techniques from Biophysics and Physiology with newly developed methods and concepts from Systems Biology and Complex Systems Theory. We propose a research project that integrates experimental investigations of cell-to-cell signaling in neuronal systems at different time and length scales with nonlinear time-series analysis and mechanism-based modeling of pathways, interactions and rhythmic patterns. We believe that this approach can provide new understanding of the functioning of the central nervous system under normal and pathological conditions. Such understanding is obviously essential for a better treatment of patients with mental disorders. The project is based on a unique interdisciplinary collaboration and serves to stimulate the use of biosimulation in Denmark.
Effective start/end date01/09/200631/08/2009


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