Multi-sensor for indoor environment control (MUSIC)

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    The indoor environment in institutions, offices, meeting and conference rooms etc. is of considerable importance for a person´s well-being and efficiency. Recent research conducted by the international Center for Indoor Environment and Energy at the Technical University of Denmark and other leading research institutes has indicatet that poor indoor environment can resut ina reduction of a personé efficiency by up to 5%. Furthermore, this implicates a substantial and direct socio-economic impact as improved indoor environment control thus therefore will reduce varios social costs related to illness and e.g. conditional diseases sush as allergies etc.
    By using MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) it is possible to perform several environment parameter measurements with small and compact multisensors with low power consumption and wireless communication to the surrounding control systems. Such multi-sensors based on MEMS technology will contribute to considerately improved indoor environment measurement and control possibilities with an intelligent interaction with the building´s control systems and with the immediate surroundings.
    Effective start/end date01/07/200431/12/2004


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