Multi-scale and model-scale evaluation of wind atlases

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MEWA has two main research-specific objectives: a) to investigate how to best couple meso- and micro-scale models for improving predictions of wind resources and b) to investigate the impact of climate variability and changes in surface characteristics and land cover on wind resources.

MEWA aims at establishing a verified methodology for the coupling of meso- and micro-scale models that provides accurate and precise estimates of wind resources over complex topographies and climatographies. Further, MEWA aims, for the first time, at estimating the impact of climate variability on wind resources using multi-scale modelling. The results of MEWA will be implemented in tools for wind resource mapping that are used and developed by DTU Wind Energy for wind turbine siting all over the world. Lastly, MEWA aims at strengthening the relations between research centers in Denmark and Mexico, and their research capacity.

The project began on 01.04.2018 and will run for three years until 31.03.2021
Short titleMEWA
Effective start/end date01/04/201831/03/2021


  • Climate change, Coupling, Mesoscale, Microscale, Wind Resources


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