Multi-Board Concept

  • Robotham, Antony John (Project Manager)

    Project Details


    This project is linked with the HMI at Risø National laboratories. The aim of the project is to seek more effective communication tools for product development, specifically the use of scenarios and multiple board display environments for supporting product quality.
    The project entails analysis of product development(PD) documentation to determine the types of information being used and recorded by PD teams and the ease with which it can be accessed by team members. The evaluation of analysis is supported by interviews with team members. The goal is to determine how alternative mean to access information might improve the efficiency & effectiveness of communication amongst the PD team.
    Furthermore, experiments with the use of multiple board displays, which depict the life cycle of products by use of scenarios are being undertaken. Initially, attention is being paid to the types of information that need to be displayed, the form they should take, and the completeness of the information depicted on the display. Initial results indicate that the multi-board concept is a highly appropriate aid for life cycle oriented design and product quality.
    A paper outling the approach and initial results will be presented at the TMCE 2000 conference, Delft in April 2000.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199930/06/2000


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