Molecular Genetics of Autism.

  • Cotterill, Rodney M J (Project Manager)

Project Details


This formal collaboration aims at finding all the genes implicated in autism. It involves tests on blood samples taken from multiplex families (i.e. families in which there is more than one affected child). The partners include Sir Michael Rutter and Anthony Bailey, Institute of Psychiatry, London; Anthony Monaco at the Wellcome Institute of Human Genetics, Oxford; and many other collaborators in England (Anne Le Couteur et al.), USA (Cathy Lord et al.), Gernamy (Fritz Poustka et al.), Holland (Herman van Engeland, Chantal Kemner et al.), France. The other Danish members of the Consortium are Karen Brøndum-Nielsen, J F Kennedy Institute, Glostrup; Demetrious Haracopos and Lennart Pedersen, Videncenter for Autism, Virum; and Torben Isager, Glostrup Amtssygehus.
Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …