Modular multi‐Use deep water offshore platform harnessing and servicing Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical marine and maritime resources. Deliverable 5.6 – the Viability Strategy.

  • Herrmann, Ivan Tengbjerg (Project Participant)

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    TROPOS is a European collaborative project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development, more specifically under the "Ocean of Tomorrow" call OCEAN 2011.1 – Multi-use offshore platforms. The TROPOS Project aims at developing a floating modular multi-use platform system for use in deep waters, with an initial geographic focus on the Mediterranean, Tropical and Sub-Tropical regions, but designed to be flexible enough so as to not be limited in geographic scope.
    TROPOS gathers 20 partners from 9 countries (Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece and Taiwan), under the coordination of PLOCAN (Spain - The Deliverable 5.6 – the Viability Strategy with the purpose to analyze the integration of the different TEAL service modules (Transport, Energy, Aquaculture, and Leisure) in order to identify the synergies and commonalities arising in the whole system. Considering earlier deliverables of the TROPOS project (D5.2 ‐ An assessment of the economic impact on local and regional economies of the large scale development, D5.3 ‐ Technology pricing of multiuse marine platforms, D5.4 ‐ Lifecycle assessment of multiuse marine platforms, D5.5 ‐ Supporting infrastructure, supply chains and logistics for the deployment of multiuse marine platforms, D6.1 ‐ Report describing a framework for the environmental and socioeconomic study and D6.2 ‐ Report on environmental impact assessment and mitigation strategies), the viability of the three ICS concepts, Leisure Island, Green and Blue and Sustainable Service Hub, is assessed based on hard infrastructure such as ports and vessels, soft infrastructure such as legislation and personnel and training, the private economic viability, the macroeconomic impacts and environmental effects. The analysis have resulted in a list of recommendations to ensure the viability of the three TROPOS ICS concepts with respect to hard infrastructure and soft infrastructure including environmental aspects and finance.
    Effective start/end date01/02/201201/02/2015