Models and methods for large-scale structural topology optimization with stress and displacement constraints

  • Stolpe, Mathias (Project Manager)

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    One of the major outstanding challenges within the field of topology optimization is the development of optimization models which take local stress constraints into account in a physical consistent way and for which it is also possible to device optimization methods capable of reliably solving large-scale problems. These problem types are of significant importance for applications since the appearance of high local stresses may lead to the failure of a structure (by fatigue or fracture) and many structural designs are driven by weight and strength considerations.

    The purpose of the project is therefore to develop mathematical models based on an integer format of the design problem such that local stress and other constraints can be modeled in an unambiguous fashion. This will be combined with numerical methods capable of providing provably good feasible solutions to large-scale problems in which local stress and displacement constraints are included.

    The emphasis of the project will be on topology optimization of discretized continuum structures, where the topology design determines the number, positions, and shape of the holes of the structure and the shape of the outer boundaries. The proposed models and methods should be general enough to be used in other areas, for example in the design of the lay-up of laminates from a discrete set of plies and this problem will also be dealt with.
    Effective start/end date01/11/200431/10/2006


    • Statens Teknisk Videnskabelige Forskningsråd


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