Models and Methods for Design and Implementation of Computer Based Control and Monitoring Systems for Production Cells

  • Alting, Leo (Project Manager)
  • Lynggaard, Hans Jørgen Birk (Project Participant)

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    Ph.d.-project: Hans Jørgen Lynggaard
    This dissertation is concerned with the engineering, i.e. the designing and making, of industrial cell control systems. The focus is on automated robot welding cells in the shipbuilding industry. The industrial research project defines models and methods for design and implementation of computer based control and monitoring systems for production cells.
    The manufacturing environment and the current practice for engineering of cells control systems are described and automation software enablers are discussed. A number of problems related to these issues are identified.
    In order to support engineering of cell control systems by the use of enablers, a generic cell control data model and an architecture are defined. Further, an engineering methodology is defined. The three element enablers, architecture and methodology consitutes the Cell Control Engineering concept which is defined and evaluated through the implementation of two cell control systems for robot welding cells in production at Odense Steel Shipyard.
    It is concluded that cell control technology provides for increased performance in production systems, and that the Cell Control Engineering concept reduces the effort for providing high quality and high functionality cell control solutions for the industry.
    Effective start/end date01/09/199210/02/1996

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