Modelling and Analysis of Pavements with Asphalt Reinforcement

Project Details


The objective of the current project is to formulate a new computational model, based on scientific principles, to allow for mechanistic modelling of asphalt pavements with interlayer grid reinforcement. As an integral part of the development, it is planned to analyze the load response of full-scale pavements that contain reinforcement. Such field testing will generate the needed data for calibrating and experimentally validating the new model. In this connection, innovation will be required in the utilization of high-end (deployable) sensing gear, and in data interpretation techniques. The implementation of a mechanistic approach for modeling and analyzing reinforced asphalt pavements will enable consultants and contractors to prescribe a reinforcement alternative, and quantify its effect in a unified and rational manner. Moreover, the project is expected to contribute new knowledge to the research arena of pavements, specifically within the realm of utilizing non-standard sensing technologies for pavement applications.
Effective start/end date01/02/202031/01/2023