Modeling of Wind Turbine Inflow

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    The overall aim of the project is to numerically model the wind turbine inflow in any kind of terrain. Therefore a thorough understanding of the upstream flow modification through the presence of a wind turbine is needed. This will be achieved by applying various numerical simulation methods, ranging from simple potential flow over to computational fluid dynamics, to various wind turbine designs with different control algorithms. In this context the influence of aeroelasticity will also be examined. All numerical methods will be supported and validated through extensive lidar measurement data, that will be acquired during various measurement campaigns.
    The project can be split into three major milestones:
    - Modelling the blockage effect of the rotor in flat terrain
    - Accessing the impact of the topography on the inflow
    - Relate the near flow field to the free wind speed
    Effective start/end date01/09/201431/08/2017


    • Innovation Fund Denmark


    • CFD
    • lidar
    • UniTTe
    • WindScanner
    • nacelle lidars, power performance, loads assessment, inflow, induction
    • Uncertainty Quantification


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