Modeling and Simulation of Wind Power & VSC-HVDC and Its Application in Offshore Wind Power Integration

Project Details


Currently, large-scale wind power development is very fast in China. This project will enhance the long distance cooperation between the governments of China and Denmark. It will promote the ability on large-scale wind farm integration and application researches on VSC-HVDC based transmission technology and the capability on research the control strategies of wind turbines converter of China, and then ensure the power system safe and stable operation even with the large-scale wind power integrated. Through the implementation of the project it will speed up the wind power industry in China and meet the requirements of national renewable energy strategy and smart grid. Outcome of the project will give support for SGCC enterprise standard <Technical rule for connecting offshore wind farm to power grid >.
Partners: China Electric Power Research Institute, Aalborg University
AcronymWind Power & VSC-HVDC
Effective start/end date01/01/201331/12/2014