Model af papirløs produktionsvirksomhed, Den Papirløse Linealfabrik (Model of paperless production company)

  • Helner, Niels (Project Manager)

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    Application of information technology in connection with improvement of efficiency of the production management task in manufacturing is becoming increasingly important. The work title of this project is "The Paperless Ruler Factory" as it is based upon the "Ruler Factory" which was developed at the institute and became a prototype of a CIM model factory. It was used as a case in the CIM/GEMS project ("Computer Integrated Manufacturing/General Methods for Specific Solutions").
    In "The Paperless Ruler Factory" all information concerning production is communicated by data terminals at the individual work stations. Production planning is carried out by means of an electronic Gantt board. This planning station handles messages about finished production and updating of production plans.
    Educational targets as well as research targets are achieved by development of a model of a paperless production company. In the educational field there is a need to learn IT modelling techniques and understanding of interrelationship, "if-so", and to be able to make feasibility analyses of decision models through knowledge of production system and IT system.
    Effective start/end date01/04/1995 → …