MistraPharma – Identification and Reduction of Environmental Risks Caused by the Use of Human Pharmaceuticals

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Recommendations to improve wastewater treatment technologies. For the 30 highest ranked APIs we
will evaluate the present loading of APIs, and the discharge of these compounds from the different types
of Swedish wastewater treatment plants. This evaluation will form the basis for defining, evaluating and
development of promising methods for removal of a APIs through wastewater treatment. In this procedure
we can work with bench, pilot and, when possible, full-scale investigations. The most promising treatment
technologies will be analyzed in detail concerning their costs and benefits, including any positive or
negative side-effects that may be associated with their use, such as the working environment in the
wastewater treatment plant, elimination or generation of additional compounds, quality changes of
residual products, changes in energy use, or in the hygienic quality of the treated wastewater.
Effective start/end date01/01/200831/12/2011


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