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Development of an L-band (1.4 GHz) radio camera has been carried out under an ESA contract with MATRA as the prime contractor. Eleven antenna elements (with a similar number of radiometers) are placed on a Y-formed structure with an arm length of approximately 60 cm. The instrument can be flown on a C-130 aircraft and used for measurement of soil moisture. Also ground based experiments are possible.
Under this project, work with optimal algorithms for signal processing of data measured with a Ku-band SAIR demonstrations model (see separate section) has been carried out. The signal processing, comprising work with irregularly sampled spatial frequencies which are interpolated, inverse Fourier transformed, and coordinate transformed, results in the spatial distribution of the brightness temperature. Additional work has been carried out on calibration, which must rely on methods different from those applied for conventional radiometers. (Related projects - see: www.dcrs.dtu.dk).
Effective start/end date01/07/199301/07/1999


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