Minimal Metric Skeletons

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    Metric graphs are considered as geometric background structures in their own right via an extension of the
    combinatorial Laplacian to the Friedrich extended Laplacian on the graphs which are considered as essentially one-dimesional submanifolds in the ambient space. The vertex minimality of these graphs
    guarantees not only selfadjointness of the Laplacian but also a direct comparison between functions in the ambient space and their restrictions to the graphs. This 'restriction comparison' is exåploited in this project. Metric graphs may serve as good (Haussdorff-close) approximations to surfaces in 3-space. It is conjectured that minimal metric graphs (with straight line edges) in this sense can be used to approximate minimal surfaces modulo any given $\varepsilon > 0$.
    Effective start/end date01/01/200201/01/2020


    • [Ordinær drift UK 10]


    • Locally finite countable graphs
    • Laplacian comparison geometry
    • Minimal immersions


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