Migration and emission of landfill gas

  • Kjeldsen, Peter (Project Manager)
  • Christophersen, Mette (Project Participant)

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    Landfill gas (LFG) is considered an explosion hazard in houses close to landfills. LFG is also a major source of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. In order to get a better understanding of the processes governing the migration of LFG gas in soils and the emission to the atmosphere, investigations are carried out at two old landfills. The investigations are focusing on the
    importance of advective vs diffusive flow to the LFG migration and the significance of oxidation of methane to the overall
    methane emission from landfills. Also the soil degradability of organic compounds contained in the LFG is addressed. The
    research is carried out through field investigations using soil gas sampling and static chambers techniques, and laboratory experiments focusing on the degradation of methane and organic trace gases.
    In 1999 a short term experiment was carried out in order to evaluate sudden changes in barometric pressure on the migration and methane oxidation. The project is in its reporting stage.
    Effective start/end date01/02/199531/03/2000

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