Microbial studies of an anaerobic leachate plume

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Microbial studies were performed in 37 locations in the leachate plume at Grindsted Landfill in terms of MPN-counting of methanogens, sulfate-reducers, iron-reducers, manganese-reducers and denitrifyers, ATP levels, PLFA levels and composition and redox activities in unamended bioassays. Valatile fatty acids, H2 concentrations and (no) protozoa were measured as well. Several redox processes were identified in the same samples but usually one process
dominated when compared on a corbon conversion basis. The leachate significantly affected the microbial populations, but the distribution of the actual redox activities were not limited by the microbial populations but the
availability of electron donors and acceptors.
Effective start/end date01/01/199430/03/1997


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