Micro fabricated flow system for magnetic cell/particle separation

  • Blankenstein, Gert (Project Manager)

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    In this project a micro channel-based system for continuous separation of magnetic particles was developed, with possible application in cell and particle separation, immunoassay, receptor assays or affinity purification. The system offers the novel possibility to handle, entrap and sort small volumes of cell samples in a continuous or stopped-flow regime. By using a micro fabricated flow chip with integrated permanent or electromagnets, magnetic particles can be sorted in a one-step procedure. The magnetic field has not to be removed and no washing steps have to be implemented. The micro channels of the flow chip are etched into silicon and covered with a transparent glass plate, which allows an external optical observation and detection of the liquids inside the micro channels using a microscope. In that respect the opto magnetic flow cytometry system combines both, optical characterisation of cells and magnetic separation. An apparatus for magnetic separation including a system of valves, syringe pumps and the flow chip has been designed and used for initial experiments. The simple and portable auto-sorting system has been atomised for magnetic particle separation. The suitability of the flow chip is demonstrated by separation of paramagnetic particles and living cells. Enrichment rates of more than 300-fold can be achieved.
    Effective start/end date01/01/1996 → …