Methods for knowledge transfer from offshore units operating phase to design, planning and operation optimization

  • Souza da Conceição, Carolina (Project Manager)
  • Broberg, Ole (Project Manager)
  • Jensen, Anna Rose Vagn (Project Participant)

    Project Details


    This two-year research project aims to 1) develop and test a methodology to capture and transfer operational knowledge and experiences, and 2) integrate these experiences with the existing knowledge transfer systems within the offshore sector. The research questions driving the project are: 1) How operational experiences and knowledge can be captured in a systematic way and reflecting the actual work practices on board offshore units, and 2) How this captured knowledge can be transformed into valuable information and transferred to onshore staff working with design of new units, equipment and optimization of existing units? There is a big difference, both geographical and workwise, between the offshore operators and the onshore staff. This difference reinforces the need for an experience transfer system that overcomes the existing communication barriers. Knowledge from offshore operations can optimize new projects and existing units in terms of costs, safety and production effectiveness. The project is in collaboration with Maersk Drilling and funded by the Danish Maritime Fund. The main outcome will be a validated toolkit with guidelines that can help offshore companies in improving safety, health and production efficiency on board offshore installations.
    Effective start/end date01/05/201431/08/2016


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