Metalloprotein Research


Expression of recombinant metalloproteins: Our studies have concerned development of expression systems for the production of heterologous metalloproteins in bacteria. This includes systems with appropriate removable purification-tags, as well as systems for post translation modifications. We have successfully developed expression systems for a number of important classes of metalloproteins e.g. di-heme cytochromes, blue copper proteins and iron-sulphur proteins.
Rational Design of Artificial Metalloproteins: Rational metalloprotein design is an approach for testing general theories of metalloprotein chemistry through the creation and examination of new structures and functions, as well as creation of new catalytic systems. We have successfully synthesised a new class of metalloproteins, for which a patent application has been filed. We are in the process of exploring the chemical, physical and spectroscopic properties of this intriguing new class of metalloproteins.
These projects are partly financed by grants from The Danish Technical Research Council and The Danish Natural Science Research Council.
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