MERIP - Human Ressources in Production

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    The way in which the Industry has involved the human resources in production systems, has changed in last decades. Previously the human resources were mainly considered as means to link together the technical systems, while today they are key resources responsible for development, planning and production. This development has been a continous process, and it has been supported by several research- and development projects in cooperation with Danish Industry, CO industry and The Technical University of Denmark.
    MERIP (Human ressources in production) is a continuation of this type of projects, aiming at increasing the competitive power of the companies. However MERIP scientists want to involve the human resources in the production in new ways. Therefore the objective of the project is to develop methods for design of production systems, that use every possibility in human resources supported by the technology aiming at increasing the competitive power of the companies.
    The project has contact to a number of companies who contribute with data about construction and function of their
    production systems. Those "Case-companies" will form an important basis for the development of production systems, and they will function as sparring partners for the project.
    MERIP will in this way be able to inform the industry about new ways in development of production systems - and suggest how the industry could prepare themselves for competitive production systems of the future.
    A production system is surrounded by groups of partners with differrent interests in the design of the system. The interests sets the boundaries for the production system. Based on an analasys of these interests the production system will be designed on four subjects,
    · The structuring of production tasks,
    · Competence,
    · Technology
    · Information
    Effective start/end date01/11/199601/11/2000

    Collaborative partners

    • Technical University of Denmark (lead)
    • University of Copenhagen (Project partner)
    • Danish School of Education (Project partner)
    • Copenhagen Business School (Project partner)


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