Mathematical modelling, simulation, control and optimization (advanced process control and model predictive control) for the electrification of industrial processes using renewable energy sources

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A successful green transition will require significant reductions in emissions from industrial process-es, agriculture, and the transport sector. As Denmark aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities believes that the transition to green fuels is an important factor in achieving this goal.

My project seeks to advance the green fuel production technology known as Power-to-X (PtX). PtX involves converting Power, renewable electricity from wind and solar, to X, chemicals such as hydro-gen (H2), methanol (CH3OH), or ammonia (NH3), using electrolysis and synthesis processes. Such chemicals can either be utilized in industrial products such as green fertilizer, or they may be used di-rectly as green fuels. These green fuels have a net-zero contribution to CO2 emissions when used in place of conventional fuels for long-distance aviation, ocean freight shipping, and heavy-duty road transportation.

Denmark's wind resources create excellent conditions for the production of green fuels, together with the opportunity to utilize biogenic CO2 from biogas plants and biomass-fired combined heat and power plants to produce more advanced PtX products. It is therefore not surprising that many ambitious PtX projects are taking place in Denmark, led by a wide range of companies leading the world in PtX technology. However, the PtX plants of today are limited to small-scale. As production relies on electricity from various weather-dependent sources, new technology is needed for both flexible and efficient operation of large-scale industrial plants.

As part of the Innomission MissionGreenFuels project DYNFLEX, my Ph.D. project will address this technological need through mathematical modelling, simulation, forecasting and optimal process control of both the individual process units and the entire PtX plant. Combining the above, we will demonstrate our process solution in pilot plants with our industrial collaborators. With this new tech-nology in hand, Denmark will be in a better position to meet its proposed climate targets through the use of Power-to-X technology.
Effective start/end date15/10/202314/10/2026


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